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    • Former Director - Aerospike
    • Former Managing Director - ORACLE
    • Former Director - PwC
    • 25 Years of Experience in Technology and M&A
    • Multiple Cross-Broder Transactions
    • Lead PwC Ukraine Privatization Initiative

    Has worked and lived in

    • The United States
    • Russia
    • Ukraine
    • Honduras
    • Other countries

    Mitch is a seasoned Technology and M&A Professional, an expert in AI and ML. He leads the development of EMBER, a PONT cutting-edge deal-sourcing platform tailored for Investment Banking.

    As a Vice President at Oracle, he played a crucial role in the integration team responsible for overseeing 50+ M&A acquisitions. As a PwC Director, he
    spearheaded numerous initiatives to organize and facilitate the preparation and
    sale of premier companies, focusing on sectors such as Oil and Gas, Automotive,
    Financial Services, and Manufacturing.

    Currently under development, EMBER's objective is to assist those seeking acquisitions, investments, or venture capital. It’s especially useful
    for M&A experts, private equity firms, and investment bankers looking for
    potential deals or competitors. EMBER uses artificial intelligence to simplify
    the search for relevant companies, allowing users to find what they're looking
    for with just a single example. This innovative approach makes identifying
    M&A targets are more straight forward, making EMBER an essential tool for
    Investment Banking professionals.

    Kemp's entrepreneurial spirit has led him to purchase three companies and engage in various innovative joint ventures and startups.

    Mitch is also the CEO of RealTime-AIML, a startup dedicated to developing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology
    for enhancing mergers and acquisitions.

    Mitch holds an MSc. in Computer Sciences and a Master's in Computer Management from the University of Maryland.