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    • Former Managing Director - Allegiance Capital Corporation
    • Former Partner - Heckmark Capital | MPPW25 Years of M&A
    • 25 Years of Experience in M&A
    • Multiple Transactions
    • International Experience

    Eric Kern, a strategic partner with PONT, boasts over three decades of diverse expertise encompassing investment banking, commercial banking, and consultancy. Throughout his career, he has engaged with a spectrum of enterprises, from fledgling startups to Fortune 500 behemoths, advising business owners and executives across the manufacturing, distribution, services, and technology sectors.

    With an adept comprehension of the industry landscape, Eric orchestrates transactions leveraging both domestic and international resources, endeavoring to maximize value for his clientele. His portfolio includes facilitating premium business sales and orchestrating mergers and financing endeavors aimed at enhancing or realizing value for stakeholders.


    Eric's track record speaks volumes about his dedication and prowess, earning him recognition among the top echelons of his peers in two Fortune 500 corporations. He holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, where he was honored by faculty for exemplifying intellect, ethical fortitude, integrity, and allegiance.


    Additionally, Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Southern Illinois University, where he was singled out as the outstanding finance student by the faculty. During his academic tenure, he was a prominent member of the university's varsity baseball team. Beyond his corporate endeavors, Eric has imparted his knowledge as an adjunct professor of business strategy and economics to both undergraduate and graduate students. He holds the Series79 Investment Banking Representative qualification through FINRA.