A merger or acquisition (M&A) signals a change that will have long-lasting impacts on an organization. Independently of its reason, mergers, and acquisitions should bring growth and opportunity. However, when improperly executed, between 70% and 90% of M&As fail to deliver the intended benefit*. To help you realize the expected benefits, we assist you to prepare your organization, develop an effective plan and collaborate with you during its execution to achieve success.




    Integration readiness

    We collaborate with you to start preparing as soon as you know the deal is likely to close. We help you identify, budget, and plan mission-critical operational improvement and technology initiatives that support your investment thesis and improve EBITDA performance. We’ll also identify the right structure and leadership to oversee the merger integration process.


    Integration playbook

    We develop and establish the essential integration reference guide for everyone involved in strategy, planning, and execution. We can quickly tailor this guide for your unique circumstances and goals.


    Target operating model design

    We work with you to define the optimal structure, operating norms, optimized business processes, technology, vendors, metrics, and culture for the combined organization. Our approach develops specific target operating models and accelerates how two organizations will come together to create new value.


    Organizational design

    We assist you in designing the leadership model, reporting structures, sizing, spans of control, and workforce optimization strategies aligned to your business strategy and operating model. Our partners and network in Mexico can assist with matters such as pay equity, talent retention strategy, or organization design.


    Integration roadmap

    Our professionals assist you in charting your course to success and value creation. Our established and merger integration methodology expedites the process for building pre-close, Day-1, and post-Day-1 integration. We develop plans designed to cover all the bases.


    * Rodger L. Martin, Harvard Business Review, June 2016



    Integration management office (IMO)

    We work with you to establish and run an effective IMO with the right structure, roles and responsibilities, program management processes, and tools for tracking progress, risks, and synergies. We use dashboards to minimize administrative workload during execution to accomplish your goals with leaner teams.


    Integration change management

    We advise you when requested to identify the right leaders — and the right numbers of leaders. This is critical to a profitable and productive operating model. Our comprehensive and proactive organizational change management communication plan aligns leaders and brings together cultures and operating norms while avoiding common integration barriers and pitfalls. So you can integrate teams and smoothly navigate complex change.


    Technology integration

    Our professionals work with you to accelerate the path to unified operations with an efficient approach to consolidating and integrating core systems. Technology is in our DNA: We know how to apply it to enable a winning business. We can help you use modern cloud infrastructure, digital/ data platforms, and other capabilities to build an agile, scalable organization. Our experience in complex migrations accelerators, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other systems allow you to integrate operations faster.