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    • 25 Years of Experience in Business Development
    • Former Director - Ford Motor Company
    • Founder and CEO of Leader
    • Founder and Managing Director Sport Fitness


    Juan Pedro is a director with 20 years of experience in sales and a focus on the automotive, industrial, and sports sectors. He leads PONT Mexico's sales and business development team reaching out to investors and targets.


    Before joining PONT he was an executive at Ford Motor Company, where he earned the Quality One award among companies in various countries. He is an entrepreneur having founded various successful companies in diverse sectors, including consumer goods, financials, and sports, where he held positions as CEO and designed and executed various exit strategies.


    Juan Pedro is the founder of Leader, a direct sales and credit sales focused on electro-domestics. He also created Sports FItness Mexico, a company focused on the importation and retail sale of sporting goods, sporting equipment, bicycles, and bicycle parts and accessories. He managed all operations of this start-up, growing to a multimillion-dollar business in four years. As a CEO of various ventures and companies, he has detailed knowledge of financial management and operations in industrial companies. He is also an expert in Mexican Labor Laws and Labor Relationships. He has substantial experience in manufacturing of industrial products.


    Jean Pierre holds a certificate in Business Negotiations from Yale, an MBA from ISEC, and a B.A. from Universidad Chapultepec. He speaks English and Spanish.