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    • Former Advisor to Presidency of Pharma
    • 25 Years of Experience in Pharmaceutical
    • Member of AMIIF
    • Experienced Consultant
    • Fluent in English, German and Spanish


    Renato is a distinguished PÔNT advisor and an expert in the pharmaceutical industry, boasting over 30 years of experience.

    Throughout his illustrious career, he has held various pivotal roles at a leading pharmaceutical company, eventually serving as the Executive Advisor to the Presidency. His in-depth understanding of the financial, commercial, and operational facets of the pharmaceutical sector makes him an invaluable asset in mergers and acquisitions within this complex industry.


    As an active member of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association in Mexico (AMIIF), also known as the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Research Industries, Renato represents the interests of pharmaceutical companies in Mexico. He leverages his extensive network and deep industry insights to facilitate strategic mergers and acquisitions.


    His contributions to PÔNT are further enhanced by his profound connections within the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical field.


    Fluent in German and English, Renato holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the National University and a Business Diploma from ITAM in Mexico. His broad educational background and extensive professional experience underscore his ability to effectively navigate and influence the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.