• Ron Hesse - Gobal Automovile Industry


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    • Automotivt30 years experience in the Auto Industry
    • 35,000 Automotive Company Connections
    • 1,000,000 Autommotive Executive Connections
    • Investor relations and connections
    • Fluent in Dutch and English


    Mr. Ron Hesse holds the position of CEO at GlobalAutoIndustry.com, a distinguished business intelligence platform renowned in the automotive sector worldwide. With a career spanning four decades, he also serves as a Strategic PONT Auto Industry Advisor.
    Mr. Hesse’s role in PONT's turnaround initiatives is crucial, as he is able to source seasoned automotive industry consultants and experts proficient across all critical business domains. Moreover, his prowess lies in attracting high-caliber C-Suite executives pivotal for the successful restructuring and rejuvenation of struggling companies aimed at bolstering performance, profitability, and
    long-term sustainability.

    In his capacity as CEO, Mr. Hesse harnesses an expansive network, connecting him with over one million automotive industry professionals worldwide. This network includes representatives from more than 35,000 companies, as well as a diverse array of
    C-Suite executives, encompassing VPs, directors, and managers across various disciplines within the automotive landscape, including international mandates spanning supply chain management, manufacturing, engineering, technology, HR, sales, marketing, finance, and more.

    Mr. Hesse's extensive experience extends to guiding automotive enterprises toward thriving in global markets by facilitating connections with leading global auto industry experts and brands. Leveraging the GAI platform, he augments value through
    targeted sales and marketing strategies crafted to elevate brand visibility and cultivate new business opportunities.
    Furthermore, through his expansive network, Mr.Hesse possesses access to a wide array of strategic acquirers and growth
    capital providers, further enriching his capacity to foster growth and
    transformation within the international automotive sector