PÔNT is a full-service boutique M&A advisory firm based in Texas, with offices and operations in Mexico and a presence in Asia.

    We specialize in cross-border transactions, we focus on the family-owned and mid-market segments.

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    At PÔNT, we use a proprietary methodology to guide clients through M&A transactions, leveraging our global network and extensive experience. Our process offers independent advice to shareholders and management, fostering a competitive environment among buyers while maintaining confidentiality. This approach maximizes your company's value in final negotiations.


    We are not limited by borders. Our global reach, expertise, and capabilities allow us to leverage an international network to devise the most appropriate strategy for your business. By engaging with a diverse pool of potential buyers worldwide, we ensure the best possible terms and maximum value for your company.


    With nearly a decade of M&A experience, PÔNT excels in creating competitive dynamics and ensuring confidentiality.









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    For nearly a decade, we have established ourselves as a leader in cross-border transactions for mid-sized businesses, catering to clients with business valuations ranging from $1 million to $600 million.


    Our client base spans a diverse array of industries, including automotive, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and both off-shore and near-shore services. We work and have a buyer and seller network spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This network allows us to find the most suitable buyers and sellers in accordance to our clients needs.


    Our core focus is on facilitating connections between sellers and buyers across borders, optimizing situations without border limitations, a process in which we excel due to our extensive experience, dedication, and expertise.











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    We are proficient in all business valuation methods, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments for M&A transactions. Our experience and mastery of diverse valuation techniques ensure our clients receive comprehensive and accurate valuations tailored to their specific needs and industry dynamics.


    Using the Market Approach, we perform Comparable Company Analysis (CCA) and Precedent Transactions Analysis (PTA), comparing the target to similar companies or recent sales to derive market-reflective valuation multiples.

    Our expertise in the Income Approach includes Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis and Capitalization of Earnings, providing a forward-looking perspective on a company's value based on future cash flows and earnings potential.

    We also excel in the Asset-Based Approach, including Book Value and Liquidation Value methods, as well as using EBITDA and Revenue Multiples and the Replacement Cost method. 







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    At PÔNT, we work closelly with our clients to manage the entire M&A process from start to finish, ensuring seamless coordination and interaction with all involved parties. We start with an in-depth consultation to understand the business owner's goals, followed by a thorough business valuation and preparation of necessary documentation. Leveraging our global network, we identify and reach out to potential buyers, maintaining confidentiality and creating a competitive environment.


    We handle all communications keeping our clients informed through the process, and coordination with lawyers, financial auditors, operations auditors, industry experts, and other professionals.


    Managing the due diligence process, we act as the primary point of contact, ensuring prompt and accurate responses to inquiries. Our experienced team leads negotiations in close coordination with our clients, striving to secure the best terms and structuring the deal to align with the owner's financial and strategic goals.

    By taking care of all coordination and interactions, we free business owners to concentrate on maintaining their business performance, ensuring a successful transaction while allowing them to focus on their core operations