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    Mexico's strategic position,economic stability, and thriving automotive market make it an appealing acquisition target in the fleet leasing sector:

    - Growing Automotive Market

    - Strategic Geographic Locatio

    - Economic Stability and Growth

    - Advanced Manufacturing and SupplyChain Ecosystem

    - Favorable Government Policies and Incentives

    - Expanding Corporate Sector

    - Strong Demand for Logistics and Transportation Services





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    PÔNT's position within Globalscope and Mexico positions it to advise global companies seeking to increase competitive advantages and market penetration through acquisitions. Various fundamental factors favor the Mexican Automotive Sector: 


    - Strategic Geographic Location

    - USMCA (United States-Mexico-CanadaAgreement)

    - Competitive Manufacturing Costs

    - Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

    - Established Automotive Industry

    - Government Incentives for foreign investments in the automotive sector.

    Over the last three years, Globalscope has completed ten important automotive transactions.

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    The aggregated strategic acquisitions continue to enable life sciences and pharmaceutical companies to grow and gain access to new markets, technologies, and intellectual property, accelerating innovation and their competitive edge.

    • - Globalscope Partners has completed approximately 80 significant Life Sciences and pharma transactions across the world since 2003.
    • Globalscope Partners completed twelve life sciences transactions in 2023.
    • - The aggregated deal value in Biopharma M&A activity across the sector increased by approximately
      80% during 2023.
      -- The aggregated deal value of Pharma transactions is estimated at nearly $150Bn in 2023, continuing a growing trend towards levels not seen for five years.s
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    Mexico’s unique advantages make it an attractive location for companies looking to acquire offshore and nearshore facilities for software development and maintenance or call service centers.


    - Strategic Geographic Location
    - Cost-Effective Labor Market
    - Bilingual Workforce
    - Favorable Time Zone Alignment
    - Robust TelecommunicationsInfrastructure
    - Growing Pool of Technical Talent
    - Government Support and Incentives
    - Cultural Affinity with the UnitedStates
    - Strong Educational Systems in STEM Fields
    - Stability and Ease of Doing Business

    Globalscope completed 20+ transactions in this sector in the last three years.