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    The growing interest in pure fleet leasing in Mexico and globally, with annual growth rates estimated at approximately 15% locally and a global CAGR of roughly 7% to 8% by 2025, highlights its growth compared to the world average and its relevance as a strategic investment for both Mexican and
    international companies. This upward trend aligns perfectly with the need for optimization and flexibility in transportation operations, offering corporations such as CEMEX, Grupo Bimbo, Amazon, and Rappi the opportunity to maintain their leadership through access to modern, specialized fleets without
    the need to invest significant capital in vehicle purchases.

    The growing demand underscores the effectiveness of the pure leasing model in adapting to market changes and preferences towards more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, positioning this option as an intelligent investment that promotes business growth and adaptability in a dynamic economic context both in Mexico and on the international stage. Not only does this approach reflect a shift in asset management within companies, but it also points to pure fleet leasing as a critical enabler for expansion
    and operational efficiency in the face of an ever-evolving global economic landscape.

    Through its global network, PONT is optimally positioned in the sector in which it has specialized for the last six years.

    The above information is based on PONT research and reports of growth sources and trends in the pure fleet leasing market, both in Mexico and globally. It can be deeply understood by consulting relevant primary sources of information, including the Mexican Association of Vehicle Leasing Companies (AMAVE), The World Bank'sInternational Finance Corporation (IFC), the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis(BEA), Ernst & Young's (EY) Global Automotive Center, PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) automotive practice, as well as annual automotive industry reports and trade publications such as Automotive News, Fleet World and the Finance & Leasing Association.

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    PÔNT has established a strong partnership with a leading global automotive organization, giving us access to more than 30,000 entities within the automotive sector worldwide. This alliance allows us to explore opportunities related to mergers and acquisitions, as well as serve as a platform for the placement of venture capital and private equity, facilitating transactions between the main players in the industry in Mexico and internationally.

    Mexico presents unique opportunities for global companies looking to increase competitive advantages and market penetration. Several fundamental factors favor the Mexican Automotive Sector:

    1. Strategic Geographic Location and the United States and Canada are part of the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement)
    2. Competitive manufacturing costs
    3. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
    4. Established Automotive Industry
    5. Government incentives for foreign investment in the automotive sector.

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    Through its global network of partners, PONT offers access to a wide range of companies interested in mergers, acquisitions, private equity, and venture capital investment opportunities, specifically in the
    pharmaceutical sector.

    This access is crucial in the current context of the industry, where strategic acquisitions play a critical role in accessing new markets and advanced technologies, essential to drive innovation and maintain a
    competitive advantage in a global market. Strategic alliances allow pharmaceutical companies to explore and capitalize on expansion opportunities both locally and internationally, facilitating the entry into new markets and the acquisition of innovative technologies.

    Particularly in Mexico, recent regulatory changes in Mexico offer unique opportunities for the pharmaceutical sector, facilitating the entry of investments and promoting innovation. These modifications improve the environment for mergers and acquisitions, allowing companies to take advantage
    of the Mexican market as a gateway to Latin America.

    The year 2023 marked a significant increase, approximately 80%, in the value of M&A deals in the biopharma sector, with transaction volume estimated at nearly $150 billion, according to Dealogic.

    This growth signals market consolidation and diversification of investment portfolios, reflecting the strength and attractiveness of the sector for investment. To effectively capitalize on these opportunities,
    companies need a clear strategy, in-depth knowledge of the market, and efficient implementation of their acquisition plans.

    The above information refers to PÔNT’s research across various sources and it is in line with the perspectives and recommendations of firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Ernst & Young (EY), the Pharmaceutical Industry Association (PhRMA), prestigious consultancies such as
    McKinsey & Company that offer a detailed analysis of the prevailing trends
    and strategies in the market.

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    PONT is distinguished by its deep experience in the off-shore and near-shore sectors, thanks to the vast trajectory of its partners as executives in leading global companies and leaders in Mexico that demand and provide these services. This background provides PONT with a unique understanding of the needs and challenges of the sector, strengthening its ability to facilitate successful transactions.

    In addition, PONT's strong relationships, together with its network Global, position it as the preferred partner for the execution of cross-border projects and transactions in this area, highlighting it as the
    ideal partner to lead off-shore and near-shore initiatives.

    Mexico's unique advantages make it an attractive location for companies looking to acquire offshore and nearshore facilities for software development and maintenance or call service centers:

    1. Location and Strategic Geography
    2. Low-Cost Qualified Labor Market
    3. Bilingual Workforce
    4. Favorable Time Zone Alignment
    5. Infrastructure de telecommunications robusta
    6. Recent reserve of bilingual technical staff.
    7. Broad government incentives
    8. Cultural affinity with the United States
    9. Strong education systems in the SEM10 fields.Stability and ease of doing business.

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    Mexico's wholesale and consumer packaged goods (CPG)industry stands out as a fertile ground for investments and acquisitions, boosted by trade agreements such as the USMCA and other international
    agreements that facilitate access to global markets and reduce operating costs.

    Mexico, with its cost-effective production and skilled workforce, is positioned as a strategic hub for CPG manufacturing and distribution, benefiting from operational efficiencies. and increasing integration into e-commerce. These elements make the sector an attractive target for investors seeking to take advantage of efficient production and distribution, extended access to international markets, and the dynamism of a
    growing market.

    PONT maintains a close relationship with its global business partners focused on this industry.